Maria Jiku is noise-visual activist.

Born in Kyoto,Japan. Curretly based in Berlin.

       Combined her screaming voice,

synthesizer, industrial rhythm,

some effects, whips, visuals from her private sessions of BDSM, and some landscapes.

Currently she focused in part a dark greedy endless of human being,

Black magic, sensuals,rituals,sadism, masochism, hypnotic ,spirituality,psychic power and eternality.


Performance description about WHIPPING PART

Sometimes she is trying to hit audience`s backs and hips by her custom made whips during performance. if they want to get it.

She is big against of VIOLENCE. There is a paradox but she would like to prove that BDSM is not violence.

Why does she make this kind of activity? Why does she hit to people with her whips?

It is a pleasure and pain activity as well as traditional conceptual art for her.

According to her own experience, Hate created huge energy and despair in her childhood.

She started her work as Dominatrix performer in lesbian BDSM theater JAIL Osaka Japan since 2009.

The first 2 years she was crazy about doing it. she especially would love to make whip scars to people.

Also it’s a healing activity to herself and the possibility to release mind herself.

After 2 years She was slowly changing her mind

and also her arm was totally fucked up for too much hitting people by her whips.

Her energy was finally almost empty. It’s probably hard for normal people to understand the meaning of this actions and that some people are getting energy from pain. also She recognized there is so many possibility and paradox for example beyond the pain and pleasure. And so many people can feel Catharsis. Her purpose is not torturing. She wants to create just pure energy and strong spiritual connection.


Feel the eternal moment

Meditation beyond the space time

Destroy brainwash

Noise in Gene Expression

Origins,Consequences, and Control.